How to open a bank account?

Important: international students must prove that they have sufficient means of support (at least 650€/month) for the duration of their stay in France. (One of the requirements to get your visa)

How to open a bank account?
Every student who spends more than 3 months in France will need to open a bank account.
We advise you to contact your bank in your home country to ask whether it has any agreement with Frenchbanking network, as it will be easier for you regarding your bank operations.

Opening a bank account will allow you to:

  • get means of payment: chequebook, credit card and bank account details like IBAN
  • pay for your day to day purchase
  • receive bank statements to keep track of your expenses
  • receive payments (ex: scholarships, National Insurance refunds, housing benefits...)

Usually the required documents to open a bank account are:

  • a valid ID card or passport (with a proof of your visa for non-Europeans citizens)
  • an original proof of residence in France (ex: tenancy agreement, an electricity or gas bill, your notification of accommodation delivered by the CROUS...) dating back less than 3 months
  • a copy of your letter of admission to Mines Nancy

What monthly budget should l plan?

Planning your budget before arriving is essential.

Please find below a breakdown of the essential living costs for a student in Nancy:

  • accommodation: 150 - 400€ (depending on type and location)
  • food: about 200€/month
  • a monthly bus ticket 26€ (a single bus ticket: 1,50€)
  • a cinema ticket (student rate): 6,20€ - 7,90€
  • housing insurance (for one year): about 50€
  • a full meal in one of the Crous university restaurants: 4€
  • additional healthcare cover (optional but highly recommended): about 10 to 30€/month

The above figures are given as a rough guide as the amount you actually spend will depend on your personal lifestyle.