Nancy is a lovely town, which is worth being visited. The school is not far from the city center, so you will rapidly discover all its richness. You will find below the reasons why you will love Nancy.

A dynamic city

There are around 40 000 students in Nancy. Therefore, many facilities and activities are dedicated to students, all around the town. Nancy is a place where people are easy-going, warm and enthusiastic.
You will find all information you are looking for at the tourist office, which is located Place Stanislas or by visiting its website:

Lifestyle at Mines Nancy

Since September 2012, Mines Nancy has moved to ARTEM Campus, an alliance between Mines Nancy (Graduate School of Engineering), ICN Business School (School of Management) and Nancy School of Arts and Design. The very dynamic associative life at Mines Nancy is part of the school’s identity. If you want to participate in Mines Nancy campus life, you can contact the Students’ Union (BDE).
The BDE supervises many student associations among which the BDA and the BDS. With more than 60 different associations, the BDE aims at making student life meaningful and exciting.

You can take part in the BDA and show your talent: music, theatre and singing etc. If your interest lies in sport, do not hesitate to take part of the BDS: rugby, sailing, climbing, badminton etc. You will be involved in a team and participate in competitions, tournaments (for example the Cartel des Mines).


The artistic movement Art Nouveau flourished in Nancy and across Europe from the late 19th century, its influence is particularly visible in Nancy architecture. Nowadays, the cultural offer is still very rich and varied. Indeed, you will have the opportunity to visit many museums, discover touristic itineraries or attend cultural exhibitions and events. Visiting these places is usually affordable and students can receive preferential rates.


There are plenty of sports on offer in Nancy. The town counts about 250 sport clubs and many sport facilities (swimming pools, gymnasiums, weights rooms…)
The easiest way to do a sport is to become a member of the SUAPS (the local association dedicated to students).

For further information:
SUAP Tel: +33 (0)3 83 96 53 23
SUAP website