Master of science (MSc) in "Security of Computer Systems "

Master of science (MSc) in Security of Computer Systems

Adjoint training offered by :
Training offered by Mines Nancy, Telecom Nancy and ENSEM


There is no doubt anymore, computer systems are pervasive. Securing them is no longer a choice, it is compulsory. Our three ‘Grandes Ecoles’ (Mines Nancy, Telecom Nancy and ENSEM) have shared their talents to offer you the most valuable program in computer security.

In French higher education, the ‘Grandes Ecoles’ are renowned for the top quality of their technical education. Students are offered the opportunity to pursue their studies at university, or to obtain a position directly in industry.

This master’s program relies on a strong relationship with the LORIA, a top-level research laboratory in computer science. The LORIA hosts the ‘High Security Lab’, one of the very rare academic places to do research in computer virology and network security.

Nancy is a city with a strong university tradition. The University of Lorraine was founded in 1572 by the Dukes of Lorraine. It gained year after year a long-standing reputation in Science, Law, Humanities and Medecine. Its current student population is 55,000, the majority being in Nancy. This is almost one student for seven inhabitants. Some 6,000 international students study on the various campuses in Nancy.


Computer systems have in the last decades become the core of our companies, of our institutions and of our every-day life. All of them depend on the security of their information system infrastructure. Computer attacks have undergone a fundamental shift: they were hacker’s game and serve now to steal money, to collect strategic information and are used for blackmail and even for sabotage. Malware writers now provide sophisticated scenario sustained by high-level technologies.

Program Aim

In this master’s program, students gain insight in the field of computer security. Usually, one learns how to use properly a computer system. Black hats have changed the rules: they try that which should not be done, usually using some low level system layers.
Our motto is that security in computer science involves both high expertise and skills in low level technology layers and a capacity to deal with high level theoretical models and abstraction.


This diploma offers a large spectrum of opportunities. Firstly, companies (from banks to the aerospace sector) as well as government institutions increasingly need to ensure the robustness of their information infrastructure. The young graduate will typically work as a software engineer or as a network security manager. Every graduate will be offered on average 10 job offers ! After a while, he will become a project manager or a systems architect.
Secondly, security has become an active topics in higher education. PhD positions worth being considered.

Who's concerned ?

Any student wishing to learn about security in computer science is welcome. We do not expect students to be hackers, but a taste for computer technicalities is preferable.
To ensure their success, we require students to have a high level in computer science and mathematics. Applicants must be fluent in at least one programming language among C, C++, Java, etc.

Practical informations:

> On the Diploma:
The Master's degree of Science (MSc) has been recognized by the French National Ministry of Education. It is a two-year program corresponding to 120 ECTS.

> General entry requirements:
To be eligible, an applicant must either be the holder of a Bachelor’s (or the equivalent of) degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering or Applied Mathematics.
English Language Proficiency is mandatory. Students are required to have a minimum B2 level (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) in English communication prior to starting the course.

The application form has to be filled in and send until April 14th 2017.
You can send it by email ( or by mail to the address mentioned below.

> Tuiton Fees :
> M1 (First year): 8,000 €
> M2 (Second year): 6,000 €

Please note that candidates may apply for scholarships through the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs or specific mobility grant schemes depending on their country of origin.

> Language :
All the scientific courses are given in English. Students may also follow some optional courses in French.