Aims and skills

This program offers the enrolled students an in-depth focus on the mathematical foundations of Data Mining and Numerical Optimization underpinning Machine Learning and Knowledge Extraction theories and techniques, as well as an overview of the technical architectures supporting high performance distributed data processing and computation.

Program Schedule

Module 1: Data Mining (42hrs - 4 ECTS)

  • PCA
  • Correspondance and discriminant Analysis
  • Classifications
  • Segmentation

Module 2: Machine Learning (21hrs - 2 ECTS)

  • Classification
  • Dimensionality Reduction
  • Feature Extraction & Feature Learning
  • Deep Learning

Module 3: Scalable Distributed Architectures (21hrs - 2 ECTS)

  • High Availability, High Throughput, Distributed Storage
  • Scalable Distributed Computing
  • MapReduce
  • NoSQL

Module 4: Knowledge Extraction (21hrs - 2 ECTS)

  • Symbolic data mining
  • Knowledge representation
  • Pattern extraction
  • Formal Concept Analysis

Module 5: Optimization (36hrs  - 4 ECTS)

  • Theoretical results for unconstrained and constrained optimisation
  • Gradient methods
  • Penalization, duality
  • Formal Concept Analysis

Module 6: Ethics (21hrs  - 2 ECTS)

Module 7: IT System Management (42hrs  - 4 ECTS)

Industry and Business project & seminars

Artem Insight (1 ECTS) : 1 week dedicated to the development of one project proposed by an enterprise or an organization.
Economics, Organization, Business seminar (1 ECTS) : 1 week dedicated to seminars in the field of Economy, Organization or Business.

Tutored Project (100hrs  - 8 ECTS)

Research Internship (30 ECTS)
6 Months Research intership in Partner Labs or industry

French Summer School

Date: From July until end of August 2017
On an optional basis, Mines Nancy proposes a French Summer School to provide international students with the necessary skills in French to adapt faster to their new environment. These courses are also tailored for engineering studies (methodological tools, professional language...).
Fees and registration procedure will be given in due course by Mines Nancy.