Big Data & Data Science

Big Data & Data Science : a combined math and computer science master program

Why Mines Nancy?

This International Program offered by Mines Nancy on «Big Data and Data Science» has the unique feature of being directed by both the Mathematics and the Computer Science Department, thus guaranteeing an outstanding level in both domains. It is associated with the IECL and Loria facilities conducting world class research in these areas. The program is also sponsored by Saint-Gobain Research within the «Big Data Chair» agreement with Mines Nancy.

The «Big Data and Data Science» curriculum is both a Master level program for the French students at Mines Nancy, and a track for foreign exchange students. While the courses are given in English for convenience, students are entirely integrated with French students during sessions and have the opportunity to fully experience French way of life and studies.

Antoine Henrot
Head of program

Bart Lamiroy
Head of program


Embrace the world of Data!

The digital transformation of the world economy provides us with tremendous amounts of data. The capacity to leverage these data and transform them into information is offering a wide range of opportunities for new markets, services and improved decision making.

Cutting edge research in Applied Mathematics (Statistics and Optimization) and Computer Science (Machine Learning, Knowledge Mining, High Performance Computing) has been competing with corporate stakeholders to develop tools and techniques for the management of these data troves.

The aim of this program is to confront these techniques and their applications, as well as their more fundamental underlying theories to modern issues of data science.

At the end of the year, the students will be able to work in many areas as data scientists endorsed by one of the most prestigious French Graduate Schools Of Science, Engineering and Management.

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2 semesters:

  • 1 semester course: September - February
  • 1 semester internship: March - August




Equivalent of European Master 1 level in Applied Mathematics or Computer Science with excellent academic records.

Program schedule

  • Data Mining
  • Machine Learning
  • Scalable Distributed Architectures
  • Knowledge Extraction
  • Optimization
  • Tutored Project
  • Ethics
  • French
  • IT System Management
  • 6 Months Research Internship in Partner Labs or Industry