Welcome to Mines Nancy!

Dear students,

Choosing Mines Nancy and its new programs taught in english is a wise choice. Joining us will open up new and thrilling horizons to you. Indeed, you will benefit here from a century of educational innovation, from professors coming from laboratories internationally acknowledged for their science, from the very innovative concept of ARTEM bringing together technologies, design and business, from an specialized curriculum and an individual mentoring.

The place where you will study will be the icing on the cake. Not only the brand new campus offers the latest technologies, a very original and user-friendly architecture, but also Nancy is said by students to be one the most pleasant French cities.

In today’s world, education should not aim at giving you the skills for a specific job you would do for the rest of your life. The technical skills become quickly obsolete, you will be expected to renew regularly your knowledge, and you will have to change jobs several times. The education you will get at Mines Nancy is in accordance with this new way of working.

Here, you will not only acquire technical skills, but you will also be prepared to live in an ever-changing world, by developing your leadership, your creativity, your innovating skills, by taking into account the non-technical dimensions of a problem: human, environmental, social, or political aspects, etc. This will allow you to tackle ever-changing problems without being thrown off balance, to widen your views to tackle problems in all their complexity.

My last words will be about being abroad. Having been abroad myself, I know how enriching this experience is. During your stay at Mines Nancy, you will not only improve your handling of French, but also how to stand on your own feet in unfamiliar surroundings, discover a different culture, a different way of thinking, get to know France and French people. But don’t be mistaken. This experience is not just about France. It is also about yourself and your own country. Being abroad helps to step back and understand things, and when you will be back home, you will not see your country with the same eyes.

I wish you a great stay at Mines Nancy. Prepare yourself to be challenged, excited and inspired!

François Rousseau,
Director General