Multiscale Materials

Multiscale Materials : from atoms to advanced devices

Why Mines Nancy?

The international program “Multiscale Materials” covers the science and engineering necessary to characterize and model the properties of a wide range of materials such as metal and alloys, polymers, ceramics, composites, biomaterials and nanomaterials. It highlights the relationships between materials structure and their mechanical and physical properties and functionalities. Bridging multiple length-scales, this program addresses fundamental aspects as well as cutting-edge applications in multiple areas, including biotechnologies, nanotechnologies, and structural materials.

The development of industrial systems and the design of sustainable devices are a major strategic challenge for our societies. “Multiscale Materials” provides the tools to choose the appropriate materials, as well as design and manufacture them to optimize their bulk or surface structures, properties and functionalities for a wide range of targeted applications.

The Multiscale Materials program is hosted by Mines Nancy, one of the best French Graduate Schools of Engineering, which is at the crossroads between academia and industry. Mines Nancy is renowned for the high quality of its educational programs. Students receive customized tutoring in small groups and benefit from our proximity with Institut Jean Lamour a top-level laboratory for fundamental and applied research in materials science and processing, and with the high-performance computing center Explor. More than 1800 scientific instruments are available to students.

Built at the heart of a historic district in Nancy, the new campus gathers the 3 schools of the ARTEM Alliance (the National School of Art and Design in Nancy, ICN Business School and Mines Nancy) and Institut Jean Lamour. It represents a total of 5,000 people, including 3,500 students and 1,500 professors, researchers, administrative and technical staff. Located on the borders of several European countries and close to Paris (90min by high-speed train), Mines Nancy is at the core of the European Valley of Materials, Energy and Processes, which provides a large set of tools for research, innovation and industry in the field of materials science, energy and industrial processes.

Emilie Gaudry

Head of program


Embrace the world of Multiscale Materials!

New materials are sought-after for many applications and they have to comply with increasingly specific demands. The desired features often inherently require the use of advanced materials, due to multiple or seemly contradictory targeted properties. Their rational development requires a deep understanding of their structure and properties at multiple length-scales, which is addressed by the international program «Multiscale Materials».

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At a glance

  • From fundamental science to engineering
  • From the atomic scale to applications
  • A wide range of advanced materials

The program provides deep scientific and engineering knowledge to understand how the materials structure at various scales influences their structural and functional properties. It also provides ideal training for innovative applications in areas such as bio-, nano-technologies, etc.




2 semesters

Program Schedule

Semester 1: Lectures and projects (30 ECTS)
Semester 2: Full time internship (30 ECTS)

Your career

Academic careers as well as careers in industry.
Positions: R&D, project manager, consultant, researcher, etc.
This program also provides a strong foundation for those who wish to pursue a PhD degree in Materials Science or in related fields.